ISBN: 978-1-64459-480-3
uCertify MYSQL.AJ1

Customer Review

It was a pleasure to review the uCertify PenTest Fundamental Course. I strongly recommend this course for people who want to become a penetration tester as a starting point. I heartily appreciated to give me a chance to review one of the uCertify course.

As an expert reviewer of the uCertify Developing Cybersecurity Programs and Policies course curriculum, I’ve found that it provides a thorough overview of professional learning topics and resources required for developing a cybersecurity strategy within an organization.

The HTML, CSS & JS course will prepare you to publish your website using new tools and guided technical details. It will help you create an interactive web page from scratch until hosting with search engine optimization and mobile responsiveness. This is a good book for computer enthusiasts who wants to have a career change to web development. I had so much fun learning with uCertify.

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