Microsoft Access 2021

(MSACCESS.AD1) / ISBN : 9781644593905

This course includes

In the Microsoft Access 2021 course, you'll learn how to use Access 2021 to navigate within the Access application environment, create a simple database, customize Access configuration options, organize and manage data stored within Access tables, use queries to join, sort, and filter data from different tables, use forms to make it easier to view, access, and input data, and create and format custom reports. The Microsoft Access course and lab are intended for students who want to learn essential Access 2021 skills, such as creating and managing an Access 2021 database.


7+ Lessons | 35+ Exercises | 40+ Quizzes | 44+ Flashcards | 44+ Glossary of terms


10+ Pre Assessment Questions | 10+ Post Assessment Questions |

Hand on lab

25+ LiveLab | 45+ Video tutorials | 01:08+ Hours

Here's what you will learn

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  • Course Description

  • Topic A: Launch Access and Open a Database
  • Topic B: Use Tables to Store Data 
  • Topic C: Use Queries to Combine, Find, Filter, and Sort Data
  • Topic D: Use Forms to View, Add, and Update Data
  • Topic E: Use Reports to Present Data 
  • Topic F: Get Help and Configure Options in Microsoft Access 

  • Topic A: Plan an Access Database
  • Topic B: Start a New Access Database
  • Topic C: Create a New Table
  • Topic D: Establish Table Relationships

  • Topic A: Create Basic Queries
  • Topic B: Perform Calculations in a Query
  • Topic C: Sort and Filter Data in a Query

  • Topic A: Start a New Form
  • Topic B: Enhance a Form

  • Topic A: Start a New Report
  • Topic B: Enhance Report Layout

Hands-on LAB Activities

  • Revising and Entering Table Data
  • Preventing AutoCorrect Corrections
  • Using the Find and Replace Feature
  • Adding a Total Row to a Datasheet
  • Sorting and Filtering Records
  • Using Queries
  • Using Reports

  • Creating a New Database
  • Creating a New Table
  • Preparing Keys for Table Relationships
  • Establishing Table Relationships

  • Creating a Query Using the Query Wizard
  • Creating a Query Using Query Design
  • Performing Calculations in a Query
  • Sorting a Query and Reordering Fields
  • Filtering a Query Using a Comparison Operator
  • Filtering a Query Using Dates
  • Prompting a User for Query Parameters

  • Creating a Form by Using the Form Wizard
  • Creating and Testing a Form Based on a Selected Table
  • Filtering and Sorting Data in a Form
  • Configuring a Form Lookup Field

  • Creating a Simple Report
  • Using the Report Wizard
  • Enhancing a Report Layout