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Get certified for the PeopleCert DevOps certification exam with the PeopleCert DevOps course. The DevOps training course focuses on the objectives covered in both DevOps fundamentals and leadership certification exams. The DevOps certification course also provides knowledge and skills on topics such as DevOps principles and concepts; the urgency of DevOps, technology automation, full-stack processes and practices; engaging and implementing DevOps full-stack; and clarifying and aligning the DevOps transformation to value delivery.

Here's what you will get

PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals: The Fundamentals level of the PeopleCert DevOps certification is ideal for professionals looking forward to becoming efficient members of a DevOps environment. The DevOps Fundamentals certification validates a candidate's ability to work with DevOps practices and achieve better collaboration and communication.

PeopleCert DevOps Leadership: This is a higher level of DevOps certification. This certification is targeted towards anyone who is managing a DevOps team or aspiring to lead a shift towards DevOps practices. The DevOps Leadership certification validates that a candidate knows the practices, processes, automation, and technology used for adapting DevOps within an organization, along with Scrum methodology, people, and their cultural implications.


11+ Lessons | 1+ Exercises | 60+ Quizzes | 122+ Flashcards | 122+ Glossary of terms


30+ Pre Assessment Questions | 2+ Full Length Tests | 40+ Post Assessment Questions | 60+ Practice Test Questions

Here's what you will learn

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Lessons 1: Introduction to DevOps

  • The Key Concepts Of DevOps

Lessons 2: The Urgency for DevOps

  • The Business Value Delivery Problem
  • The IT Value Delivery Problem

Lessons 3: Key DevOps Principles & Concepts

  • C.A.L.M.S. & The Three Ways
  • Continuous Delivery Across The Deployment Pipeline

Lessons 4: The Full Stack – People & Culture

  • What Is A DevOps Culture?
  • Transformational Leadership
  • DevOps Structures & Teaming

Lessons 5: The Full Stack – Processes & Practices

  • The Evolution Of DevOps Practices
  • The 15 Essential Practices Of DevOps

Lessons 6: The Full Stack – Technology & Automation

  • Automation For The Deployment Pipeline
  • Cloud Technology & Virtualization
  • Architecting For Continuous Delivery

Lessons 7: What Is DevOps Leadership?

  • What Does it Mean to Lead?
  • Leading the Organization through Transformation

Lessons 8: Clarifying & Aligning the DevOps Transformation to Value Delivery

  • Establishing the Urgency for DevOps
  • Clarifying & Aligning Business Objectives

Lessons 9: Planning & Approaching the DevOps Transformation

  • Creating a Vision & Strategy for the Transformation
  • The Iceberg Model
  • Identifying & Influencing the Vital Stakeholders

Lessons 10: Engaging & Implementing the DevOps Full Stack

  • Leading a Culture of Self-Organized, Cross-Functional Teams
  • Gathering, Broadcasting & Implementing Feedback
  • Enabling Flow Across the Value Stream
  • Breaking Work into Iterations to Accelerate Learning & Experimentation
  • Leadership for Continuous Delivery

Lessons 11: Validating Results & Sustaining the DevOps Transformation

  • Leading a Culture of Continual Improvement
  • Leading for Innovation
  • Improving Organizational Resilience & Sustainability

Exam FAQs

  • PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals: There is no formal pre-requisite for the PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals exam.
  • PeopleCert DevOps Leadership:
    • PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals Certificate
    • DevOps Foundation Certificate

  • PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals: USD 335
  • PeopleCert DevOps Leadership: USD 402

Multiple choice questions

The exam contains

  • PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals: 20
  • PeopleCert DevOps Leadership: 40

60 minutes