Anatomy and Physiology All-in-One


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The Anatomy and Physiology All-in-One course helps you develop a profound understanding of how the human body operates at every level, equipping you with invaluable knowledge for careers in health careĀ and enriching your appreciation of the remarkable complexities. Throughout the course, you will delve into foundational principles and terminology essential for understanding the structure and function of various body systems. From the microscopic structures of cells to the complex interplay of organs and systems, the course helps you explore the anatomy and physiology that underlies every aspect of human health and function.


19+ Lessons | 114+ Exercises | 347+ Quizzes |


1+ Full Length Tests | 114+ Practice Test Questions

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Lessons 1: Introduction

  • About This Course
  • Icons Used in This Course

Lessons 2: Learning a New Language: How to Speak Fluent A&P

  • A Word about Jargon
  • Looking at the Body from the Proper Perspective
  • Getting Organized
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 1 Quiz

Lessons 3: Better Living through Chemistry

  • What’s the Matter?
  • Keep Your Ion the Prize
  • Building Blocks That Build You
  • Metabolism: It’s More Than Just Food
  • Charging Your Batteries
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 2 Quiz

Lessons 4: The Secret Life of Cells

  • Keeping Same Things the Same: Homeostasis
  • Division of Labor
  • Controlling the Ins and Outs
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 3 Quiz

Lessons 5: Joining Forces: Cells Organize into Tissues

  • Covering Up: Epithelial Tissues
  • Making a Connection: Connective Tissues
  • Flexing It: Muscle Tissues
  • Getting the Signal Across: Nervous Tissue
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 4 Quiz

Lessons 6: It’s Just Skin Deep: The Integumentary System

  • Meet & Greet and Love the Skin You’re In
  • Digging Deep into Dermatology
  • No Skin Is Complete without Accessories
  • Your Sensational Skin
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 5 Quiz

Lessons 7: More than a Scaffold to Build On: The Skeletal System

  • Meet & Greet Your Body’s Foundation
  • Boning Up on Bone Structures
  • Turning Bones into Bone
  • The Axial Skeleton
  • The Appendicular Skeleton
  • Artful Articulations
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 6 Quiz

Lessons 8: Getting in Gear: The Muscles

  • Meet & Greet Your Mighty Muscles
  • Structure Matches Function
  • The Electric Slide
  • Push, Pull, & Hold
  • What’s in a Name?
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 7 Quiz

Lessons 9: Your Electric Personality

  • Meet & Greet the Far-Reaching Nervous System
  • Integrating the Input with the Output
  • Feeling Impulsive?
  • Minding the Central Nervous System
  • Taking the Side Streets: The Peripheral Nervous System
  • Sensory Overload
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 18 Quiz

Lessons 10: Raging Hormones: The Endocrine System

  • Meet & Greet Your Body’s Chemical Messengers
  • Honing In on Hormones
  • The Ringmasters
  • The Cast of Characters
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 9 Quiz

Lessons 11: The River(s) of Life

  • Blood Is Thicker than Water
  • The In-Between
  • Of Sirens and Lymphs
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 10 Quiz

Lessons 12: Spreading the Love: The Cardiovascular System

  • Meet & Greet Your Pumping Station
  • Home Is Where the Heart Is
  • Your Heart Song
  • Moving to the Beat of Your Own Drum
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 11 Quiz

Lessons 13: Underground Defenses: The Lymphatic System

  • Meet & Greet Your Body’s Customs and Border Control
  • Immunity: A Three-Act Play
  • Act 1: Innate Immunity
  • Act 2: Adaptive Immunity
  • Act 3: Becoming Immune
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 12 Quiz

Lessons 14: Oxygenating the Machine: The Respiratory System

  • Meet & Greet the Old Windbags
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
  • Breathe In the Good, Breathe Out the Bad
  • All in One Breath
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 13 Quiz

Lessons 15: Fueling the Fire: The Digestive System

  • Meet & Greet the Alimentary School
  • Nothing to Spit At
  • The Stomach: More Than a Vat of Acid
  • Breaking Down Digestive Enzymes
  • Double Duty: The Small Intestine and the Liver
  • One Last Look Before Leaving
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 14 Quiz

Lessons 16: Cleaning Up Your Act: The Urinary System

  • Meet & Greet the Body’s Recycling and Waste Management System
  • Focus on Filtration
  • The Yellow River
  • The Homeostasis Machines
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 15 Quiz

Lessons 17: Why Ask Y? Gamete Production

  • Producing Gametes
  • Meet & Greet the Male Reproductive System
  • Meet & Greet the Female Reproductive System
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 16 Quiz

Lessons 18: Baking the Bundle of Joy

  • Fertilization: A Battle for the Ages!
  • And So It Begins
  • Finishing Out the Trimesters
  • The Fun Part: Labor and Delivery
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 17 Quiz

Lessons 19: From Cradle to Grave

  • Programming Development
  • Human Life Span
  • Whaddya Know? Lesson 18 Quiz

Hands-on LAB Activities (Performance Labs)

Learning a New Language: How to Speak Fluent A&P

  • Understanding the Body Cavities
  • Understanding Abdominal Regions

Better Living through Chemistry

  • Understanding the Monomer Units
  • Understanding Water Molecules
  • Understanding the Isotopes
  • Understanding ATP Molecules
  • Understanding Nutrients
  • Understanding Molecules

The Secret Life of Cells

  • Understanding Cell Structures and Organelles
  • Understanding Components of the Cell Membrane
  • Understanding Transport Terms
  • Understanding DNA
  • Understanding the Cell Membrane
  • Understanding Structures
  • Understanding Cell Terms
  • Understanding Cells
  • Understanding a Part of a Cell Cycle
  • Understanding the Events of the Cell Cycle

Joining Forces: Cells Organize into Tissues

  • Labeling Epithelial Tissues
  • Understanding Epithelial Tissues and their Locations
  • Understanding Tissue Types
  • Understanding Epithelial Tissues
  • Understanding Types of Epithelial Tissues
  • Understanding Muscle Tissue Type
  • Understanding the Types of Cells

It’s Just Skin Deep: The Integumentary System

  • Understanding Epidermis
  • Labeling the Skin Structures
  • Understanding Layers of Skin
  • Understanding Epidermis Layers

More than a Scaffold to Build On: The Skeletal System

  • Understanding Articulations
  • Understanding Vertebral Column
  • Understanding Lateral View of Skull
  • Understanding Bone
  • Understanding Joint Movement Types
  • Understanding Bone Growth
  • Understanding Bones Shape
  • Understanding Lower Limb and Foot Bones
  • Understanding Bones
  • Understanding Joints
  • Classifying Bones
  • Understanding Bones
  • Understanding the Ossification Process
  • Understanding Pair of Ribs
  • Understanding Bones and Features of the Pelvis
  • Understanding Features of the Thoracic Cage
  • Understanding Bones and Features of the Skull
  • Understanding Bone Remodeling
  • Labeling Compact Bones

Getting in Gear: The Muscles

  • Understanding the Skeletal Muscle Fiber
  • Understanding the Neuromuscular Junction
  • Understanding Muscles
  • Understanding Muscle Structures
  • Understanding Muscles
  • Understanding Muscles of the Head and Neck
  • Understanding Fibre
  • Understanding Sacromere Structure
  • Understanding Muscles
  • Understanding Lower Back Muscles
  • Understanding Female Muscles
  • Understanding Head Muscles
  • Understanding Types of Muscle Tissue
  • Understanding Muscle Types
  • Understanding Steps of Muscle Fiber Stimulus
  • Understanding Steps of Muscle Contraction
  • Understanding Muscle Components
  • Understanding Muscle Cell Tissues

Your Electric Personality

  • Understanding Parts of the Brain
  • Understanding Graphic Organizer
  • Understanding Sound Waves
  • Understanding Brain Structure
  • Understanding Neural Structure
  • Understanding Electrophysiological Concepts
  • Understanding Nervous System
  • Understanding the Structures of the Eye
  • Understanding the Structures of the Ear
  • Understanding the Brain Parts
  • Understanding Acceleration of Nerve Impulse
  • Understanding Layers Around the Brain
  • Understanding Types of Nervous System
  • Understanding Synaptic Transmission
  • Understanding Neurophysiology and the Functioning of Neurons
  • Understanding Neurons
  • Representing Action Potentials

Raging Hormones: The Endocrine System

  • Understanding Raging Hormones
  • Understanding Releasing Hormones
  • Understanding Structures of the Endocrine System
  • Understanding the Endocrine System
  • Understanding Clusters
  • Understanding Blood Cells
  • Understanding Metabolism Control
  • Understanding Glands
  • Understanding Homeostasis
  • Understanding Hormones with their Origins
  • Understanding Hormones with their Functions

Spreading the Love: The Cardiovascular System

  • Understanding the Cardiac System
  • Understanding the Valve Action
  • Understanding the Heart Valves
  • Understanding Anatomical Terms
  • Understanding Events on the EKG
  • Understanding Blood Vessel
  • Understanding the Structure of the Heart
  • Understanding Capillaries
  • Understanding the Order of Blood
  • Understanding Anatomical Terms

Underground Defenses: The Lymphatic System

  • Understanding the Lymphatic Structure
  • Understanding Pathogens
  • Understanding Lymph
  • Understanding Immune Chemical
  • Understanding Immune Cells
  • Understanding Lymphatic Organs
  • Understanding the Lymphatic System

Oxygenating the Machine: The Respiratory System

  • Understanding Structure
  • Understanding the Alveoli
  • Understanding Lungs
  • Understanding Trachea
  • Understanding Inhalation and Exhalation
  • Understanding Respiratory tract
  • Understanding Respiratory Structures
  • Understanding Upper Respiratory Structures
  • Learning About Lungs
  • Understanding Respiratory Volume
  • Learning Lung

Fueling the Fire: The Digestive System

  • Understanding the Anatomy of the Stomach
  • Understanding Organs
  • Understanding Tooth Structure
  • Understanding Digestive Enzymes
  • Understanding Enzymes
  • Understanding the Mouth’s Anatomy
  • Learning Nutrient
  • Understanding Digestive Process
  • Understanding Sphincter

Cleaning Up Your Act: The Urinary System

  • Understanding Nephron Structure
  • Understanding Nephron Location
  • Understanding Hormones
  • Understanding the Anatomical
  • Understanding Hormones of the Renin-angiotensin System
  • Understanding Structures of the Internal Parts
  • Understanding Structure of Kidney
  • Understanding Urine
  • Understanding Kidney Structure

Why Ask Y? Gamete Production

  • Understanding Female Reproductive Terms
  • Understanding the Structures of the Male Reproductive System
  • Understanding the Female Reproductive Sysytem
  • Understanding Meiosis
  • Understanding Chromosomes
  • Understanding the Sperm-Froming Cell
  • Understanding Ovarian Structures
  • Understanding Reproductive Structure
  • Understanding Organs
  • Understanding Reproductive Phases
  • Undertanding Hormone
  • Understanding Gamete Formation
  • Understanding Spermatogenesis

Baking the Bundle of Joy

  • Understanding the Month of Fetal Development
  • Understanding Cells
  • Understanding Nursing and Milk Release
  • Understanding Germ Layers

From Cradle to Grave

  • Understanding Life Stages