The Inclusive Organization


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The Inclusive Organization course goes beyond diversity and inclusion checklists, focusing on creating a truly inclusive workplace culture. In today's global and interconnected world, fostering an environment that values and embraces diversity is not just a moral imperative; it's a strategic necessity. This course is designed to equip leaders, HR professionals, and employees at all levels with the knowledge and skills to build and sustain inclusive organizations.


11+ Lessons | 18+ Exercises | 97+ Quizzes | 44+ Flashcards | 44+ Glossary of terms

Here's what you will learn

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Lessons 1: Introduction

Lessons 2:  Decoding Human Behavior

  • History of Race
  • The Great Divergence
  • Bridging the Great Divergence
  • Lesson Reflection

Lessons 3:  Who Let the Dogs Out?

  • You Have the Right to Remain Dishonest
  • Decoding the Workplace
  • Dynamic Solutions for Dynamic Companies
  • Exercise: Driving DEI Impact by Establishing Accountability Through Action

Lessons 4:  Franchising the Framework

  • Finding Your North
  • Devising Our Own Solutions
  • The Three Ps
  • Exercise: Join the Three Ps Franchise

Lessons 5:  The Most Underrated Leader

  • The Dos and the Don'ts
  • Constructing Your DEI Department
  • Selecting Your Candidate
  • The First 90 Days
  • Exercise: Is Your Organization Ready to Hire a DEI Leader?

Lessons 6:  Sustainable Learning: Upgrading Your Learn...lopment—MapQuest Directions to Google Maps

  • The Oprah of Programming: Everyone Gets Learning and Development!
  • How to Incorporate L&D
  • Building Your Organization's Career Map
  • Exercise: Designing Inclusive Career Mapping

Lessons 7: Are Your Policies Powerful or Powerless?

  • How to Support Your Employees
  • The What's Next Assessment
  • Exercise: The What's Next Assessment

Lessons 8: Diversity Recruiting

  • Proactively Building a Pipeline
  • It Takes All of Us
  • The Life Cycle of Recruiting
  • Exercise: Is Your Recruiting Life Cycle Inclusive?

Lessons 9: Employee Resource Strategy Groups

  • ERSGs: How Will You Know If You're Ready?
  • Exercise: A Strong Support Structure Fuels High‐Performing ERSGs

Lessons 10: Impactful Layoffs

  • You Can't Dig Yourself Out of a Hole That Hasn't Been Dug
  • Preparing for Empathetic Layoffs
  • How to Move Forward Together
  • Exercise: Are You Prepared to Make Impactful Layoffs?

Lessons 11: Don't Retire Yet

  • Lesson 1: Decoding Human Behavior
  • Lesson 2: Who Let the Dogs Out?
  • Lesson 3: Franchising the Framework
  • Lesson 4: The Most Underrated Leader
  • Lesson 5: Sustainable Learning: Upgrading Your L...lopment—MapQuest Directions to Google Maps
  • Lesson 6: Are Your Policies Powerful or Powerless?
  • Lesson 7: Diversity Recruiting
  • Lesson 8: Employee Resource Strategy Groups
  • Lesson 9: Impactful Layoffs
  • Exercise: DEI Commitment Petition