ASVAB: 1001 TestPrep


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ASVAB 1001 TestPrep helps you prepare for one of the most important assessments in your military career journey. Whether you're aiming for a specific military job or striving to achieve a high score, this course is designed to help you succeed. This course covers all sections of the test, including Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and more.


11+ Lessons | 1001+ Exercises |


131+ Pre Assessment Questions | 6+ Full Length Tests | 870+ Practice Test Questions

Here's what you will learn

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Lessons 1: Introduction

  • About This Course

Lessons 2: Countdown to Taking the ASVAB

  • Determining How Much Time You Have
  • Checking Your Baseline
  • Planning Your Approach
  • Digging into Additional Learning Resources
  • Coming to Grips with Retesting Policies

Lessons 3: Word Knowledge: Testing Your Vocabulary

  • What the WK Subtest Measures

Lessons 4: Paragraph Comprehension: Understanding and Analyzing Written Concepts

  • What the PC Subtest Measures

Lessons 5: Mathematics Knowledge: Counting on a Variety of Questions

  • What the MK Subtest Measures

Lessons 6: Arithmetic Reasoning: Tackling Word Problems

  • What the AR Subtest Measures

Lessons 7: General Science: Knowing about the World around You

  • What the GS Subtest Measures

Lessons 8: Auto and Shop Information: Nailing Down Vehicle and Workshop Basics

  • What the AS Subtest Measures

Lessons 9: Mechanical Comprehension: Focusing on Physics, Mechanics, and Work

  • What the MC Subtest Measures

Lessons 10: Electronics Information: Amplifying Your Understanding of Electronic Principles

  • What the EI Subtest Measures

Lessons 11: Assembling Objects: Figuring Out How Things Fit Together

  • What the AO Subtest Measures