Power BI Data Analyst


This course includes
Hands-On Labs
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Learn Power BI and become a Microsoft-certified Power BI Data Analyst with uCertify’s course Power BI Data Analyst. The course has well descriptive interactive lessons containing knowledge checks, quizzes, flashcards, and glossary terms to get a detailed understanding of preparing, modeling, visualizing, and analyzing the data in Power BI. The live labs present in the course will give you a hands-on experience of data analysis in Power BI. 

Here's what you will get

Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst focuses on using Microsoft Power BI for data analysis. The PL-300 exam covers various topics such as getting data from different data sources, and profiling, cleaning, transforming, and loading the data, data modeling: designing, developing, and optimizing a data model, visualizing and analyzing data, such as creating reports and dashboards, as well as performing advanced analysis.


6+ Lessons | 165+ Exercises | 75+ Quizzes | 52+ Flashcards | 52+ Glossary of terms


40+ Pre Assessment Questions | 1+ Full Length Tests | 40+ Post Assessment Questions | 40+ Practice Test Questions

Hands-On Labs

25+ LiveLab | 25+ Video tutorials | 02:02+ Hours

Here's what you will learn

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Lessons 1: Introduction

  • Organization of this course
  • Preparing for the exam
  • Microsoft certifications

Lessons 2: Prepare the data

  • Skill 1.1: Get data from different data sources
  • Skill 1.2: Profile the data
  • Skill 1.3: Clean, transform, and load the data
  • Lesson summary
  • Thought experiment

Lessons 3: Model the data

  • Skill 2.1: Design a data model
  • Skill 2.2: Develop a data model
  • Skill 2.3: Create measures by using DAX
  • Skill 2.4: Optimize model performance
  • Lesson summary
  • Thought experiment

Lessons 4: Visualize the data

  • Skill 3.1: Create reports
  • Skill 3.2: Create dashboards
  • Skill 3.3: Enrich reports for usability
  • Lesson summary
  • Thought experiment

Lessons 5: Analyze the data

  • Skill 4.1: Enhance reports to expose insights
  • Skill 4.2: Perform advanced analysis
  • Lesson summary
  • Thought experiment

Lessons 6: Deploy and maintain deliverables

  • Skill 5.1: Manage datasets
  • Skill 5.2: Create and manage workspaces
  • Lesson summary
  • Thought experiment

Hands-on LAB Activities

Prepare the data

  • Creating a Data Connection
  • Profiling Data in Power BI
  • Using the Transpose Feature
  • Shaping Data for Analysis
  • Cleaning, Transforming, and Loading Connected Data

Model the data

  • Configuring and Managing Data Relationships
  • Creating a Calculated Table
  • Creating and Managing Data Hierarchies
  • Creating Calculations with DAX
  • Creating Conditional Columns
  • Creating Calculated Measures

Visualize the data

  • Reviewing Custom Visuals and Apps
  • Filtering and Slicing Reports
  • Customizing Visuals in Power BI
  • Charting Data in Power BI
  • Creating Visualizations
  • Configuring the Mobile Layout
  • Incorporating Tooltips to Enhance Data Analysis
  • Saving and Exporting Files in Power BI

Analyze the data

  • Enhancing Reports
  • Enhancing Visuals with Statistical Analysis
  • Performing Advanced Analysis

Deploy and maintain deliverables

  • Configuring Row-level Security
  • Publishing Reports and Refreshing Data
  • Enhancing Dashboards

Exam FAQs

  • Understanding core data concepts
  • Knowledge of working with relational data in the cloud
  • Knowledge of working with non-relational data in the cloud
  • Knowledge of data analysis and visualization concepts

$165 USD

Pearson VUE and Microsoft

multiple-choice, true/false, drag and drop, list builds, and case studies

The exam contains 40-60 questions.

180 minutes


(on a scale of 1-1000)

  • If you don’t pass an exam, you must wait 24 hours before retaking it.
  • If you don’t pass the second time, you must wait at least 14 days before retaking it a third time.
  • A 14-day waiting period is imposed between the third and fourth attempts and fourth and fifth attempts.
  • You may not take a given exam more than five times within a 12-month period from the first attempt. You’ll be eligible to retake the exam again 12 months from the date of your first attempt.
  • You cannot retake an exam you’ve passed unless your certification has expired.
  • You must pay to retake the exam (if applicable.)