Customer Service Skills

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Lessons 1: Introduction

  • Why You Should Read This Book?
  • What You Will Learn From This Book?

Lessons 2: What is Customer Service?

  • Understanding Customer Service Fundamentals
  • Achieving High Customer Satisfaction
  • Strategies for Preventing Dissatisfaction 
  • Summary

Lessons 3: The Problem-Solving Process

  • What are Incident and Problem?
  • Solving and Preventing Incidents and Problems
  • Kepner-Tregoe Method
  • Summary

Lessons 4: Customer Service and Behavior

  • Understanding Customer Behaviour and Behavioral Styles
  • Communication Strategies Across Behavioral Styles
  • How Do Behaviors Influence Customer Loyalty?
  • Summary

Lessons 5: Communication Principles and Skills

  • What is Communication and its Types?
  • Key Principles of Effective Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Nonverbal Communication Skills
  • Electronic Communication Etiquette
  • Summary

Lessons 6: Understanding Listening Skills and Customer Needs

  • Listening to the Customer
  • Active Listening Techniques For Better Communication
  • Identifying Customer Needs and Expectations
  • Summary

Lessons 7: Get Customer Feedback

  • Why Feedback is Vitally Important?
  • Act on Complaints in Productive Ways
  • Proactive Ways to Get Feedback
  • Summary

Lessons 8: Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

  • The Foundations of Emotional Intelligence
  • Cultivating Mature Emotional Intelligence and Conversational Control
  • Fostering Empathy as a Core Component of Emotional Intelligence
  • Mastering Emotional Regulation Techniques
  • Summary

Lessons 9: Conflict Resolution and How to Disagree

  • Understanding Conflict and its Types
  • Strategies for Effective Conflict Resolution
  • Techniques for Handling Disagreements with Customers
  • Summary

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